About Me

My name is Dee, and I’ve been told that I love details. My stories often go on too long, and I can become obsessed with getting a craft project just right. I have learned, though, that my Heavenly Father loves every detail about me. He has orchestrated beautiful events and people in my life to shape the woman I am today.

I am blessed to be married to an amazing man, Justin, who loves and seeks the Lord. We have two super cute dogs, Belle and Nala, and about 50 kids. Yes, I meant 50! We are in youth ministry and have the opportunity to disciple the teens of our church, and I am a teacher with a classroom full of littles to shape and mold. God has called us to the Charleston area, and we are learning to be intentional and build relationships with kids and families here. We also just recently bought a house and have started fun projects around our home! This blog is a way to share moments from our life as a DIY couple, ministry partners, and most importantly, believers in Christ. Life is busy, and can often be frustrating, but I love every detail, and I look forward to sharing them with you! 


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