Our Top 10 Biggies of 2016

In our home, we use a memory jar to record moments throughout our year and read them together on New Year’s Day. We also write big God moments on stones and place them in our Ebenezer Jar. This year, we started the new tradition of reading all the stones in our jar to look back and see God’s faithfulness and provision throughout our marriage. This year, three  stones were added! God is good.

1. We purchased our first home.

2. Justin accepted a position at Journey Church.  

3. I transferred schools and grades.

4. Hurrication called for much needed time with Upstate friends and family. 

5. Quite a few sleepovers, dinners, and hangouts with a fabulous group of teens.

6. We got a new dog, Nala. 

7. We celebrated three years of marriage.

8. Visits from both sides of our family.

9. Two of my dear friends welcomed new little ones, and another a fiancée. 

10. Opportinity to serve teens in Hondurous has arisen.

2016 was good to us Hoos, and I look forward to what 2017 will have instore! 


Our Evacuation Plan 

1. Pack up.

2. Head to my parents. 

3. Enjoy an unexpected break. 

4. See as many friends and family as we can! 

When things happen that you can’t control, you can stress about to do lists that get postponed, or you can make the most of time off. We are enjoying visiting my hometown. 

Back into the teen of things. 

A little over a year ago, Justin and I began searching for what God had in store for us next in ministry. Last summer, we were obedient and stepped down from a staff position, but had not been shown our next step. We still felt called to Charleston, so we got involved with a church that aligned with our heart for the city, Journey Church.

We started helping with the children’s ministry, volunteered with teens, and waited expectantly for God to open a door either at Journey or another church. This past Spring, the former youth pasor felt called to a sister church of Journey’s, and Justin stepped in as the interim. He applied for the postion, but we weren’t sure if this was what God wanted. We knew that we had been led to Journey for a reason, but also knew that if it had only been to lead during the interim period, that God would provide a position elsewhere. God did a lot of work in our hearts during this season of waiting. 

One year and two months later, we are excited to announce that Justin has been offered and has accepted the youth pastor position at Journey Church! This is especially exiciting because in Justin’s seven years of ministry, this is the first time that he will not need to work a full-time job alongside church work! We have prayed for this opportunity for three years, and God has chosen to provide! 

This was a very special God Moment to add to our Ebenezer Jar! For months, I have walked by an empty stone, prayed for God’s will, and anxiously awaited when we could write Justin’s next position and thank God for provision and direction. During this season of waiting, we have learned to trust in God’s plan and timing, how to pray ferevently as a couple, and to be obedient servants in the “in-between” times. I am thrilled to see what God does through us at Journey, but I will also be thankful for this past year of teaching and growing. 

Parents in Town 

This weekend, my parents came down for a visit. We did the touristy things like visit downtown and spend an afternoon at the beach, but we also got to do a couple things special to our family. 

1. Thrifting: For as long as I can remember, Daddy took me to flea markets and taught me how to barter, and Mama took me to thrift stores and taught me to love clearance racks. Thankfully, I married a husband that fits right in. 

2. Birthdays: Birthdays are a big deal in our family. For 27 years, my family has sang happy birthday to me and shared cake and candles. After three years of marriage, my parents haven’t missed a birthday celebration. 

29 things.

In honor of the hub’s 29th birthday, today I am posting 29 things I love about Justin Donnahoo. 

1. He has a walk with Jesus. 

2. He leads me well. 

3. He has a passion for seeing teens grow spiritually. 

4. He provides for us. 

5. He makes date nights priority.

6. He’s good at “adult stuff” like bills and budgets. 

7. He thrifts with me.

8. He shares my vintage tatse in decor. 

7. He puts up with my mexican food cravings. 

8. He prays with me. 

9. He lets me partner with him in ministry. 

10. He is a nerd and likes comics and videogames.

11. He helps with dishes.

12. He does most of the laundry. 

13. He is in the Word. 

14. He likes Fixer Upper too. 

15. He helps me repaint furniture. 

16. He builds me pretty things out of wood. 

17. He likes superheroes. 

18. He loves our little dog Belle too. 

19. He likes Netflix and pjs nights. 

20. He loves Charleston. 

21. He seeks God’s will for our marriage. 

22. He joins me to kiddos’ homes and games.

23. He is good to my family.

24. He likes my cooking.

25. He’s super cute. 

26. He listens to my always long, detailed stories. 

27. He makes life fun. 

28. He loves me.

29. He is my best friend. 

Traditions with the Hubs 

My parents always took time to make Easter mornings special. We would twirl outside for pictures in our new, frilly dresses and wait anxiously for surprises. We never did the “Easter Bunny,” but my sister and I would get a basket full of candy, maybe a movie or new top, and (my favorite) a new baby bunny, chick, or duck before heading to church. 

While I haven’t been able to convience Justin of baby animals… We enjoy having a basket exchange. With almost three years of marriage I’m definitely not a marriage guru, but I really believe it’s   important to start holiday traditions as a couple before you have kids. For us, $10 for a cute basket and candy is a simple, thoughtful, and fun way to show that we care. It’s something we plan to continue for many fun-filled years of marriage to come!