Dollar Tree Porch 

I love Spring! With our new home, I have a goal of decorating the front porch to feel welcoming and inviting. This season, I turned to dollar spots and stores to create a frugal, but colorful Spring porch. 

1. plastic eggs/egg crates ($5) 

2. banner ($3) 

3. assorted fake flowers ($5) 

4. crates and trays ($10) 

5. picture ($3) 


Peg Board Project How-to


-Peg board

-4 8′ 1 x 2 boards 

-1 12′ 1 x 1 board

-wood glue

-nail gun

-18 guage 1 1/2″ brad nails 



-peg board hooks


1. Decide what size peg board will work best for your space. We bought a 4 x 8 board and got it cut to 4 x 6. Remember, home improvement stores will cut wood for you! We also paid a few dollars more to get a white peg board, but you can get a  brown one and paint it any color you’d like. 

2. Cut 1x2s to 4′ and the other 2 to 6′, at 45 degree angles on each end. Apply wood glue at the joints and drive a couple of nails in each joint. My husband, Justin, used a Kreg jig to hold my joints together while connecting the joints. Then, he cut the 1×1 to fit the length of the board. Cut two more pieces of the 1×1 to brace each side of the frame to the center board.

3. I painted the sides white to match the front, and once everything is dry, find studs to screw the frame onto the wall. Use the level to ensure eveything is straight! 

4. Once the frame is in place, attach the peg board using brad nails onto the frame. 

5. Now for the fun part… play around with hook placements and add whatever you’d like! We created this board to display vintage kitchen finds and organize pots and pans. What would you do with your peg board? 

Our Top 10 Biggies of 2016

In our home, we use a memory jar to record moments throughout our year and read them together on New Year’s Day. We also write big God moments on stones and place them in our Ebenezer Jar. This year, we started the new tradition of reading all the stones in our jar to look back and see God’s faithfulness and provision throughout our marriage. This year, three  stones were added! God is good.

1. We purchased our first home.

2. Justin accepted a position at Journey Church.  

3. I transferred schools and grades.

4. Hurrication called for much needed time with Upstate friends and family. 

5. Quite a few sleepovers, dinners, and hangouts with a fabulous group of teens.

6. We got a new dog, Nala. 

7. We celebrated three years of marriage.

8. Visits from both sides of our family.

9. Two of my dear friends welcomed new little ones, and another a fiancée. 

10. Opportinity to serve teens in Hondurous has arisen.

2016 was good to us Hoos, and I look forward to what 2017 will have instore! 

Hooville Christmas 

This fourth married Christmas has been a busy one with moving, but we managed to decorate some for Christmas. It’s always fun figuring out what works and doesn’t work in a new space. 

1. “Mantle”

This dresser has been craft storage and a TV stand, and in our new home, we have space to mount a TV, so it has turned into decoratice space. 

2. Stair Stockings

One day I may have a fireplace, but our stockings were easy to tie on our bannister with twine.

3. Hot Chocolate Bar

One of my absolute favorite things about this new home is how HUGE the kitchen feels, considering our previous house had a hallway for a kitchen. Part of our counter has turned into a hot beverage bar! It works well for having teens over often this holiday season. 

4. Eclectic Christmas Plates

Each Christmas, I like to combine some plates from my collection in holiday colors for our Christmas table. This year, I am able to add pine and pincones from our backyard! 

Reese Cupcakes 

One of my favorite cupcakes is easy to make and a quick crowd-pleaser. 


-chocolate cake mix (and eggs/oil from back of box)

-small Reese cups 

-cute cupcake holders (of course) 

-chocolate icing 


1. Make your chocolate batter according to the box’s directions. 

2. Line muffin tins with cupcake holders and pour some batter into each holder. 

3. Put a small Reese cup or two mini Reese cups in each muffin tin. 

4. Place one more spoonful of batter into each holder, covering the Reese cups.

5. Cook the cupcakes according to chocalate cake mix instructions.

6. Once they are cooked (the clean toothpick prick is the  easiest way to tell), allow time to cool.

7. Ice each cupcake and crumble extra Reese cups on top! 

Removing Jar Labels 

I’ve posted before, probabaly multiple times, that I love using jars around our home. They make for easy and affordable storage or vases- and freebie ones are even better! 

It can take a while to tear labels off and then get the nasty, sticky residue off. My friend, Keri, have me a great tip: Simply soak jars in warm, soap water. I like to leave them overnight, and the next morning, the labels and “sticky” remove with little effort! 

Use What You Have: Fall

Fall is my very favorite season! I love crisp air, warm colors, scarves, tall boots, and pumpkin spice in everything. It’s also a tie with Christmas for my favorite season to decorate for! 

Decorating for seasons and holidays can get pricey, but keep in mind that the only “have to” is pumkins for fall! I bought four of varying sizes and colors last year on sale at Michaels. Check ads and craft stores to stock up! The rest of fall decor is up to your imagination.

Before you go to buy more fall decorations, look around your home and see what you have already. Look for:

  • baskets
  • crates
  • lanterns
  • owls
  • jars
  • bottles and vases
  • picnic baskets 
  • pine cones (from your yard)
  • anything in brown and warm, fall colors

Play around with items that are already in your house. Open a picnic basket and put a craft pumpkin and lantern inside or turn a crate upside down for a jar of flowers. I like to check Dollar Tree for fall flowers and can spend $5 on florals to place in jars around the house. Pinterest is full of free printables for vintage frames as well! 

Enjoy decorating for fall, but don’t break the bank! Enjoy playing and staging items you already have, add in a few bought decorations, and your home will look cozy and inviting for the fall season! 🍁🍂🍃