Mango Mark 

There are many fond memories of my childhood, and most involve my dad. Daddy didn’t miss soccer games and piano recitals and was at every pageant with a bouquet of flowers. He played with goats and baby ducks too and taught me to fish and thrift. We spent Sunday afternoons swimming, and every morning he made me breakfast. 

Some of my favorite memories, especially as I got older, were that Daddy chaperoned trips at school and with our youth group. One trip during middle school, everyone came up with nickname alliterations to help us memorize names. Daddy picked “Mango Mark,” and to this day, people I went to school with will ask, “How’s Mango Mark?!” Daddy has a gift of making the ordinary fun and exciting. He can turn a bus ride, a plate of scrambled eggs, or a day at the pool into something you will never forget. 

I am so blessed and thankful to have such a father, and it has made me think about my time and my impact on others. Fifteen years from now, will people want to know how I am doing? Will people remember me for being intentional? Will I leave a positive impact? 

On this Father’s Day, I am reminded of a few things:

1. Maybe you haven’t had a “Mango Mark” of a dad, and memories with your earthly father don’t have as much joy. Know that you have a Heavenly Father who desires to dote upon you. 

2. Maybe you have a “Mango Mark” of a dad too. Be thankful, but also know that your Heavenly Father loves you that much MORE!  

3. Just like Daddy did for me, your kids, students, neighbors… The people in our lives need our presence and time. 

4. We have an opportunity in our parenting, teaching, and all of our relationships to represent God. 

5. If we claim to be Christians, we are representing our Heavnely Father- rather well or not. How we spend our time and how we love is noticed and reflects God to the world. 

This year, I want to be a “Mango Mark” in my faith. I want to volunteer with joy and make the ordinary fun and exciting. I want the world to see that my Heavenly Father is loving and full of surprises. I want my time in my home, classroom, and community to reflect well the love I have been shown. 


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