I summoned my inner Snow White today. This morning, a hummingbird was trapped in our screened-in porch, and it took about 20 minutes to get the sweet creature out. Over and over again, I watched as the bird hit against the ceiling trying to escape with no luck. The door was open, and I tried to get it to understand and see where freedom lies, but it would not, could not, exit. 

On my way to church this morning, as I’m running behind and preparing the details of my dramatic hummingbird rescue story for my husband, I could not stop thinking about how the bird would not try other ways to escape. The hummingbird only tried the ceiling, for twenty minutes. Over, and over, and over again it ignored the open door. 

How often do I do the same? 

I choose the same chains of sin, temptation, and complacency. God, everytime, opens doors that I too often ignore. I like to try things on my own and often believe that my ideas, plans, and decisions will work for the best. But just like the sweet hummingbird this morning, my plans are not best. May I focus this week on the open doors God places in my life. May I trust His guidance above any of my own instincts. 


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