Dios No Está Muerto

We had the pleasure of joining churches in Honduras for youth camp last week. We stayed at a Bible college where a couple, the Herringtons, came in the 70s to share the Gospel and envisioned one day a place where people could learn how to be pastors and be sent out to villages across Honduras. The yearly youth camp is a part of that vision, a time to equip the next generation. 

The camp’s theme was “Dios No Está Muerto” or “God is Not Dead” and was focused on the foindations of our faith and how to share them. Through a translator, Justin and I had the opportunity to share our testimonies Thursday, and he spoke a few more times throughout our time there. During a panel with Justin and other pastors, teens were able to ask various biblical questions. We were so impressed with the depth of the questions! It is evident so many of the teens were daily spending time in God’s Word. 

We met so many beautiful people in Honduras. The pastors and leaders were so passionate about youth. The teenagers and college students we met were hungry to know more about God. Even the precious ladies working in the kitchen were patient with us knowing little Spanish and showed us kindness and generosity. 

We are very excited to see God continue to build relationships in Honduras and look forward to the coming years of helping with this camp! 


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