Our Top 10 Biggies of 2016

In our home, we use a memory jar to record moments throughout our year and read them together on New Year’s Day. We also write big God moments on stones and place them in our Ebenezer Jar. This year, we started the new tradition of reading all the stones in our jar to look back and see God’s faithfulness and provision throughout our marriage. This year, three  stones were added! God is good.

1. We purchased our first home.

2. Justin accepted a position at Journey Church.  

3. I transferred schools and grades.

4. Hurrication called for much needed time with Upstate friends and family. 

5. Quite a few sleepovers, dinners, and hangouts with a fabulous group of teens.

6. We got a new dog, Nala. 

7. We celebrated three years of marriage.

8. Visits from both sides of our family.

9. Two of my dear friends welcomed new little ones, and another a fiancée. 

10. Opportinity to serve teens in Hondurous has arisen.

2016 was good to us Hoos, and I look forward to what 2017 will have instore! 


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