Too Excited to Sleep

I am 27 years old, and I still can’t sleep on Christmas Eve. I love everything about Christmas. Seeing family, opening presents, eating a big breakfast at Granny’s, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus with my sister, every aspect of the Christmas season brings me joy.

I am the same way with other things in life, like moving into a new house. Tuesday night, I could not go to sleep because I was so excited to close the next morning. My normal sleepy self has been wired each night this weekend staying up until late decorating and settling us in our new home.

The anticipation of events is often just as fun as the event itself, isn’t it? In church, we are talking about Advent, and I know that I am excited about Jesus, that He came and we can celebrate His birth, death, resurrection, and His coming, but am I excited about the anticipation, the here and now?

It comes narural for me to decorate and organize, but do I stay up late at night thinking and planning how to better prepare the people  around me for Christ’s coming, inviting neighbors into our home and chatting with coworkers? Do I think as thoughtfully about Gospel  conversations as I do the perfect Christmas gifts for my family?  

May I this season, and every season, be about the Kingdom more than the wordly stuff that seems so inticing. My to-do list is long this week, filled with new home and Christmas fun, but Jesus is coming again, and there is a lot of work to be done! I am learning more and more that spreading His message of love and redemption must be at the center of my busy. 


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