First House 

About one month ago, we went house hunting and fell in love with the second home we toured. We close this Wednesday! In the midst of moving chaos, I’ve been pausing to think about past and future blessings. Here are some amazing things God did on Gippy Drive and in our current home:

1. A Block Party that led us to meet several neighbors 

2. Making dear friends down the street, the wife whom I consider a mentor

3. Meeting a few elderly ladies, one I consider my “Lowcountry Grandma”

4. A couple teens that joined us for youth group

5. Praying with a sick neighbor

6. Walks and bike rides with a couple of girls  down the street 

7. Sleepovers and craft days with teen girls from youth group

8. Several parties and dinners with teens, family, and neighbors 

9. A new staff job for Justin and a new school job for me 

10. Even a new dog addition, Nala

We are so excited to move to a new house and see what God does on our new street. The flower above is from our new neighbor, a little girl who said that she hoped we would move in nextdoor. It seems that God is already ordaining coversations and relationships. ❤️


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