The new chapter starts tomorrow. 

Friday we said goodbye to the van that has helped provide for us for three years. When Justin first moved here, he needed a job alongside ministry, and to provide for a future wife, that needed to be a full-time job. ASI soon became the answer to our prayers. For three years, this van has greeted me home and been a reminder of God’s provision, but tomorrow, it’s absence will serve as a reminder of a new provision. 

Justin officially starts as the youth pastor at Journey Church this week! We have been waiting for God to open a door in ministry where Justin wouldn’t need to work a full-time job but could find something part-time and be able to focus most of his time and attention to ministry with teens. He has substitute training Tuesday and will soon be able to get into middle and high schools the days he’s not in the church office. So now, whether he’s working at church or in the community, it’s always with or for teens. 

God has yet again provided for us to do the ministry he has called us to. October is going to be a great month! 


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