Whack-a-Word Wednesday

Whack-a-Word is my student’s new favorite game! Each Wednesday we practice spelling and sight words using our boards and pool noodle mallets. 


-file folders

-game board (I made this easily in Word)

-glue or tape 

-2 pool noodles

-bread knife 



Print an alphabet board and glue or tape it to a file folder. Once it’s laminated, it will last for years!


Cut a pool noodle with a bread knife- I made 16 “mallets” from one noodle. Stick a sharpened pencil into the side, and you’re all set! 

I create a PowerPoint each week with words we’re going to practice. The kids look forward to Whack-a-Word Wednesdays! 

This has been such a fun weekly routine. What do you use to practice spelling? 


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