Use What You Have: Fall

Fall is my very favorite season! I love crisp air, warm colors, scarves, tall boots, and pumpkin spice in everything. It’s also a tie with Christmas for my favorite season to decorate for! 

Decorating for seasons and holidays can get pricey, but keep in mind that the only “have to” is pumkins for fall! I bought four of varying sizes and colors last year on sale at Michaels. Check ads and craft stores to stock up! The rest of fall decor is up to your imagination.

Before you go to buy more fall decorations, look around your home and see what you have already. Look for:

  • baskets
  • crates
  • lanterns
  • owls
  • jars
  • bottles and vases
  • picnic baskets 
  • pine cones (from your yard)
  • anything in brown and warm, fall colors

Play around with items that are already in your house. Open a picnic basket and put a craft pumpkin and lantern inside or turn a crate upside down for a jar of flowers. I like to check Dollar Tree for fall flowers and can spend $5 on florals to place in jars around the house. Pinterest is full of free printables for vintage frames as well! 

Enjoy decorating for fall, but don’t break the bank! Enjoy playing and staging items you already have, add in a few bought decorations, and your home will look cozy and inviting for the fall season! 🍁🍂🍃


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