Back into the teen of things. 

A little over a year ago, Justin and I began searching for what God had in store for us next in ministry. Last summer, we were obedient and stepped down from a staff position, but had not been shown our next step. We still felt called to Charleston, so we got involved with a church that aligned with our heart for the city, Journey Church.

We started helping with the children’s ministry, volunteered with teens, and waited expectantly for God to open a door either at Journey or another church. This past Spring, the former youth pasor felt called to a sister church of Journey’s, and Justin stepped in as the interim. He applied for the postion, but we weren’t sure if this was what God wanted. We knew that we had been led to Journey for a reason, but also knew that if it had only been to lead during the interim period, that God would provide a position elsewhere. God did a lot of work in our hearts during this season of waiting. 

One year and two months later, we are excited to announce that Justin has been offered and has accepted the youth pastor position at Journey Church! This is especially exiciting because in Justin’s seven years of ministry, this is the first time that he will not need to work a full-time job alongside church work! We have prayed for this opportunity for three years, and God has chosen to provide! 

This was a very special God Moment to add to our Ebenezer Jar! For months, I have walked by an empty stone, prayed for God’s will, and anxiously awaited when we could write Justin’s next position and thank God for provision and direction. During this season of waiting, we have learned to trust in God’s plan and timing, how to pray ferevently as a couple, and to be obedient servants in the “in-between” times. I am thrilled to see what God does through us at Journey, but I will also be thankful for this past year of teaching and growing. 


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