Praying Over My Classroom

As a teacher, I have been given a perfect opportunity to not just teach, but reach students and their families. I have 17 kids in my class, and with siblings, parents, grandparents… this means I have been intrusted with about 100 people this school year. 100!!!! My room needs to be covered in prayer so that God can use teaching for His kingdom and for me to be a tool in seeing children and their families come to know the Lord.

I pray for each student by name and over their desks. I ask others to do the same! The Holy Spirit has been invited to every corner, nook, and cranny of B19, and I specifically pray over the threshold of my room. As a child, family member, or even other teachers step foot in my class, it should feel different. A mom that we spoke to this weekend during home visits said, “Your room felt so inviting and you have a warmth about you.” That’s Jesus! I can’t wait to see what God does this school year and how He continues to bring a “warmth” to my firsties and their families.


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