Cost-cutting Crate Seats

I believe myself and any other elementary teacher who uses Pinterest has pinned crate seats to an idea board, multiple times. This summer, I decided to finally create my own, but my thrifty nature wanted to find ways to cut the cost- of course! 


1. Crates 

2. Wood 

3. Fabric

4. Foam

5. Ribbon

6. Staple gun 

This project is easy, but can easily start adding up! Here are my cost-cutting ideas:

1. Foam- Foam is expensive! I left the craft department of Wal-mart and bought a 1.25″ twin-sized foam mat in bedding. It was less than $10! I easily used it to make six crate seats.

2. Fabric- Fabric can also add up, but you only need a little bit for each seat. I bought fat quarters of coordinating patterns and colors. Wal-mart has an entire section for $.97 a piece! 

I already had crates, but many stores have them on sale for a little over $3 for the start of the new school year. Wood was the most expensive. We went with 23/32″ thick plywood and was a little over $20. We only used about a third of it! We’ll be able to use it for other projects. Even if I had to buy the crates, I would have $60 invested in the entire project, $10 a seat… one that can easily cost $80! 


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