One of my very favorite things about being Justin’s wife is getting to be his partner in ministry. 

This week, our student ministry is at SummerSalt camp with 19 middle and high schoolers. Justin’s appliance repair job is hard to take time off for, especially in the summer, so he could not come with us. 

Sometimes that can be real hard. 

My husband is called to full-time ministry, but in this season of our marriage, God’s plan has been for volunteer ministry and working a full-time job outside of church work. Being a teacher, my summer is quite free, so I am able to join our teens at camp this week. I’ve seen a few other wives with their youth pastor husbands here, and I can very easily, and have at least once a day this week, get jealous and envious of their season. 

I’m sad that Justin can’t be here to experience the camp he helped prepare us for. Four nights away from the hubby stinks. It’s not fair. I could go on and on, but that’s not the point. God knew in the Spring of 2012 when he ordained our meeting that Justin was going to need a wife that cared about teens too. He was going to need a teacher that was free in the summer and on breaks while God had him working full-time on appliances. He knew that this very summer, four years later, that he couldn’t get off work but that I could help lead our teens.

Tonight I found a hidden note in my suitcase from Justin thanking me for this week and caring about our teens. As much as I wish he could be here, I am reminded of the perfect pairing of two people created for one another. If Justin was here, I couldn’t have been reminded as clearly that I am indeed his partner. We are one, and our ministry together flows as such. I am beyond honored to be Justin’s wife and trusted to lead alongside him, and in his presence or not, I am proud to represent him. 


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