Tie-dye Paper 

One of my favorite projects to do with students is creating tie-dye paper. It can go along perfectly with an Eric Carle author study or Spring theme. Even if you’re not a teacher, this is a fun activity to do with kiddos at home and would be a great summer craft. 


1. Shaving cream 

2. Food coloring

3. Shallow tray

4. Plastic knife

5. Computer paper or cardstock 

6. Paper towels 


1. Fill tray with shaving cream.

2. Squirt drops of food coloring onto the shaving cream.

3. Use the plastic knife to swirl the food coloring.

4. Place paper on top of the shaving cream and food coloring. 

5. Tap paper lightly, lift, and set aside to dry (some shaving cream will stick to the paper).

6. After the paper dries, use a paper towel to wipe off any shaving cream residue. 

Enjoy your fun, tie-dyed paper! It can be used for cards, cutting out flowers… the possibilities are endless! 


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