Dollar Tree Smoothies 

During the summer, I love to make smoothies. Ingredients to make smoothies can get expensive though! My favorite trick is to always buy frozen fruit at Dollar Tree. They have great variety like blueberry, pineapple, mango, peach, mixed berry, strawberry… Dollar Tree doesn’t always carry the same fruit, but you can find at least a few different bags each visit. And of course, they’re only $1!!!! This is way cheaper than other stores. 

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect smoothie, but our musts are: yogurt, orange juice, banana, local honey and then any kind of frozen fuit we want! I like to sneak in a super food like spinach, kale, or almonds sometimes too.  I also like to use greek yogurt. 

This morning, I made Justin a blueberry peach smoothie and myself a tropical one with mango, pineapple, and almonds. They were quite yummy and refreshing! I use my Magic Bullet, and these travel mugs with lids and straws are perfect to take on the way to work or errands. 


2 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Smoothies 

  1. Hi there, where did you get those travel mugs with straws? It looks like they are FOR the magic bullet – I’d love to buy some myself. My daughter loves smoothies and I’d lazily love to only clean one cup! 🙂


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