15-16 Home Visits Highlights

1. Getting to know parents, siblings, and even grandparents, and feeling like a part of the family. 

2. Trying Honduran soda and treats. 

3. Cuddling a miniature bunny.

4. Attending a few birthday parties, one of a kiddo I taught two years ago. 

5. Hearing things like, “It’s great that you do this” or “We couldn’t wait for you to get here.” 

6. Discussing faith with families. 

7. Getting to have a few home visits myself! A sweet family brought a chair for us and even left goodies once on our porch while I was sick. Another family brought their girls over for a craft day. A family I taught previously also came over for a waffle night! 

8. Trying my first “Dinner with the Donnahoos.” Chick-fil-a wasn’t quite a home visit, but served as a great venue for several families to break bread with us. 

9. Parents and students asking when I can stop by again. 

10. Hearing students talk about “that time Mrs. Donnahoo came to my house” at school. I even had a girl from years past bring up our time together at her house. 

Choosing to visit my students and their families really helps me build solid   relationships. I want to be a great teacher, but more importantly, I want to be a follower of Christ. Taking a few minutes to see kids in their homes makes me feel like family and opens doors to share the Gospel. I can’t wait to see what God does this next school year! 


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