The Close of a Chapter 

Friday I said goodbye to 20 precious students. I also will say goodbye this week to the school I have been at since moving to Charleston. 

I have been praying for an opportunity to teach at a Title One school for quite some time. I knew that God had placed that desire in my heart and have been patiently waiting for Him to open a door. This month, it was time. 

This next school year, I will be teaching first grade at Goose Creek Primary School. I am so excited for this new mission field! I have taught Goose Creek babies each year with the CDEP program, and now I will be able to continue building  relationships with families in the Goose Creek community. 

I posted a while back about our Ebenezer Jar we have in our home. It is for housing stones we’ve written on that will remind us of big God moments and prayers that He has answered. When I found out that I would be transferring, we went out to dinner, wrote on a stone, and spent time rejoicing and thanking God for this new opportunity. 

I am very blessed for the families and coworkers I have met at Marrington, and I anxiously  await  August when I will get to meet new people and begin teaching a new grade. I know that God will do great things at this new school! 


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