My Story 

I have always loved stories. As a teacher, children’s  books are a part of my daily routine and just like when I was little, I still enjoy a good movie.

We have been sharing our testimonies, our stories about our relationships with God, at youth group, and today I’ll be sharing how I came to know Jesus with y’all.  

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home with two parents who loved God and wanted my sister and I to know about Him. I was in church a few times a week, and I loved hearing the stories of the Bible, but you see, they were just stories to me. I saw no difference in the characters of the Bible than in Cinderella or other childhood favorites.

One night when I was eight, my thoughts changed. I could sense the Holy Spirit asking me to begin a relationship with God. In that moment, for the first time, I realized that God was real! The story of Him sending His son to die and rise again wasn’t just a “story” that was entertaining, it was true!  And the best part, I was being asked to be a part of His story! 

My heart was made new that night. I asked for forgiveness of the selfish things I had done and started living for God, not for others or myself. Starting a relationship with God was the best decision of my life! I still struggle with my selfish desires and people-pleasing  tendencies, but am so glad that God and His Word are full of truth and guidance! 

What is your story? 


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