Oh just a reason to hoard bottles… 

I think there is nothing as refreshing as a soda in a glass bottle. I can taste the difference, but I believe it’s also nostalgic, taking me to a time period that my vintage heart loves. I drink from these bottles often, and I always keep them! I run them through the dishwasher and store them in a basket in the craft room. 

This week, my bottle hoarding was put to use (Justin was excited about this)! My sister-in-law got married, and I was able to take home a large tin of Daises and Baby’s-breath. I was able to make over 30 bouquets of flowers for school staff and neighbors! This time, the flowers were free, but in the past I have also bought a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store and divided it into several smaller bouquets in glass bottles. Glass soda bottle bouquets are simple, cheap, and a sure way to brighten someone’s day! 


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