“Like a bride waiting for her groom” 

I love weddings. One of the best parts for me is witnessing the sheer excitment and joy a bride and groom both have when they first see each other. Each year about this time, as we attend weddings of friends and families, I am brought back to three years ago as I was preparing to meet my groom.

There were flowers to be ordered, caterers to be booked, a dress to be bought, registries to create, decorations to plan… I could not contain my excitment for June 30th to come! Every detail of our wedding day was carefully thought out. I was consumed in the thought of beginning life alongside Justin and could not wait for our big day to arrive. 

One of the lines from a favorite worship song of mine is, “like a bride waiting for her groom, we’ll be a church ready for you.” This hits home for me, especially as I am often worshipping in the Toms I wore on our wedding day.

 I see this picture and remember how incredibly happy I was to see Justin. Am I as excited to meet, talk about, and plan to spend life with my groom, Jesus Christ? 

In the the Spring and Summer of 2013, I assure you that my every thought and conversation was about my wedding and future husband. As believers in Jesus, we get to be the Church. We are Christ’s bride! May our every thought be utterly, whole-heartily consumed with our Groom.


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