29 things.

In honor of the hub’s 29th birthday, today I am posting 29 things I love about Justin Donnahoo. 

1. He has a walk with Jesus. 

2. He leads me well. 

3. He has a passion for seeing teens grow spiritually. 

4. He provides for us. 

5. He makes date nights priority.

6. He’s good at “adult stuff” like bills and budgets. 

7. He thrifts with me.

8. He shares my vintage tatse in decor. 

7. He puts up with my mexican food cravings. 

8. He prays with me. 

9. He lets me partner with him in ministry. 

10. He is a nerd and likes comics and videogames.

11. He helps with dishes.

12. He does most of the laundry. 

13. He is in the Word. 

14. He likes Fixer Upper too. 

15. He helps me repaint furniture. 

16. He builds me pretty things out of wood. 

17. He likes superheroes. 

18. He loves our little dog Belle too. 

19. He likes Netflix and pjs nights. 

20. He loves Charleston. 

21. He seeks God’s will for our marriage. 

22. He joins me to kiddos’ homes and games.

23. He is good to my family.

24. He likes my cooking.

25. He’s super cute. 

26. He listens to my always long, detailed stories. 

27. He makes life fun. 

28. He loves me.

29. He is my best friend. 


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