My Hosting Have-tos 

The past few weeks, we’ve done a lot of hosting! From friends visiting to girls staying at our house for a D-Now weekend, we’ve felt a bit like a bed and breakfast. Below are a few things that we try do every time to make a visitor feel at home:

1. Snacks

You don’t have to go crazy, but who doesn’t love being welcomed with their  favorite snack and soda? 

2. Baked goods

I’m a big fan of baked goods and welcoming guests with a batch of cookies or brownies. 

3. Planned Activities

Especially if someone is from out of town, it’s fun to have options of local resturaunts and entertainment that y’all can do together.

4. Extra Toiletries 

I keep shower gel, shampoo, etc. in our guest bathroom. I also keep extra towels and washcloths easily accessible. 

5. Spare Key

Have a key ready for your guests, especially if they will be coming and going without you. This is a simple gesture that makes your home feel like theirs.  

What do you do to host guests in your home?



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