“That they may know that I am the Lord” 


Trials and hardships come. The Israelite people were enslaved by the Egyptians- enslaved! Slavery is as bad a hardship as I could imagine. Yet in the midst of their  hardships, over and over again I read the same line of God: “That the Egyptians shall know that I am the  Lord.” 

We may not understand why we are going through something tough in the moment, but God always has a bigger picture in mind. 

Redemption is coming, and it’s not just for us, but offered to all. The trails that we go though and the salvation God brings is all to draw attention to Himself. Our trials and how God uses them allow not just our families, but even the families of our enemies see God’s great works and glorify Him. 

We must wait. God is fighting, and His glory will be known. 


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