Bestfriends who thrift together, stay together. 

My dear friend Haley and I like to thrift. Well more than “like,” we love it, a lot. Finding treasures is a part of who we are, and is a favorite past time when we are  reunited.

We’ve been thrifting together for 10 years now! (A crazy thought I had today). We started collecting eclectic china for our hope chests when I was just 16. Not only are these vintage dishes some of my favorite things in my home, I can remember all of the conversations that Haley and I have had over trips to thrift stores. We’ve talked about college, boys, church, family, ministry, marriage, and everything in between. Some of my most favorite pieces are items that either Haley has picked out for me or that I remember getting with her on a day spent together. In my book, having a friend with the same heart for seeing potentinal in others “junk” has been quite wonderful… and I highly recommend you find one. 



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