If Furniture Could Talk 


This hoosier cabinet we hauled from the Upstate  yesterday has a lot of history. For my Great-granny Powell, it was a place in her kitchen to make bicuits for her family twice a day. For my Papa Tom, it was a collect-all space in his garage for tools and cleaning supplies. Now it’s our turn, and this piece of family will be a china cabinet for our vintage dishes.  

Furniture is inanimate, but oh the things a piece like this could tell us if it weren’t.

Great-Granny Powell’s kids sharing laughter and love at the dinner table.

Her biscuit recipe.

Papa Tom and his siblings running around the house.

Great grandparents dancing in the kitchen.

Talks of Jesus and church.

Papa Tom fixing a lawnmower in the garage. 

His favorite tool.

Granny Shirley coming home from work. 

My sister and I riding bikes in the garage and driveway. 

This hoosier cabinet has witnessed a lot, and I can’t help but be so exicted to be another generation to enjoy it. This piece has seen two mariages that love God and family well. It has met two ladies that work hard. It has seen two men that lead their family well. It has seen two sets of kiddos and grands run and play.

Now it’s mine and Justin’s turn to add to its conversation. 


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