Using Social Media to Share the Gospel

You never know which of your family, friends, or aqquantances will stumble accross a post of yours on social media. 

Especially on Facebook, I am “Facebook friends” with almost anyone I have ever met. I consider that a responsibility. When people see what choose to post online, it should reflect Christ and never   distract from Him. 

People are watching you. At work. At school. Online. Make your conversations, actions, and posts count. 

Some things to keep in mind as a Christ follower when you post on social media:

1. Stay away from posting angry or frustrated statuses about people or situations. I understand that life gets crazy, but choosing to gossip or rant online is not usually the best way to display Christ. 

2. Post scripture that God lays upon your heart. This doesn’t have to be daily, but it can. Recently I’ve tried to post daily since some people have recently told me that they look for what I am going to post on Instagram. 

3. Showcase what God is doing in your family and friends’ lives. Instead of using statuses to gossip, brag on God! Let the “world” know when people come to accept Jesus and make big steps for Him. 

4. Post pictures of your marriage, kids, school, etc. that shows what a Godly marriage, family, and career looks like. For me, that’s taking selfies with my hubby on date nights and sharing about home visits with students. 

5. View Facebook not as a journal or way to boast about yourself, but as a tool for the Kingdom. Most of us have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… choose to allow God to be glorified through your social media. 


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