Being Intentional Where You Live 

  Be intentional.

This command has been on my heart for many months. How can I truly be intentional where I live, work, and play?

The “work” I have been doing for a few years. Visiting my kiddos and families at their homes has made work feel less like “work” and more like ministry. Great conversations have happened while playing with students’ pets and sitting on couches with moms.

Where I “play” has been a focus as well. Justin and I meet men and women who are homeless while we are downtown or in other areas of our community. As I’ve shared before, we have bags of water, crackers, etc. to give out and we always pray over our new friends. 

The “live” aspect is more challenging for me. 

I have a big tendency to check-out when I get home during the week and even on the weekends. I want Netflix, comfy, clothes, time with the hubby, and that’s about it. It’s not that these are bad things, but I don’t believe that God desires for me to spend all of my “where I live” time in the confines of my house with only my family.  

Today was hopefully the first of many intentional, consistent times of fellowship with neighbors. Justin and I hosted a block party a couple years ago, but other than the occassonal visit or chat in the street, we have not been consistent in building relationships with as many people as we can in our neighborhood. This afternoon, ladies were invited over for desserts and conversation. It was simple, but it was intentional. 

It is not a suggestion to be the name of Christ and be His hands and feet where we “live, work, and play.” It is a calling to be truly intentional in all three areas. May we challenge and encourage one another in these areas! 


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