Monster High Bash


I am definitely a big kid, but there are some modern toys I don’t get. For instance, arms that will decapitate and skin that is green and scaley… I just don’t see the big appeal of Monster High. They creep me out. A lot. But for a girl very dear to my heart, I will go to a birthday party, pretend to be interested in terrifying dolls, and (willingly) eat some yummy cake.

I truly love the kids and families that enter and exit my classroom door each year. I spend time with them in their homes, listen to their stories, and most importantly, do my very best to love intentionally. It is such a treat to be invited to games and birthday parties, especially of former students! 

Yesterday, Justin played his Mr. Donnahoo role quite well as we went to the party of a girl I taught two years ago. She was very excited to see me, wanted to open our gift first, and holding the art supplies we picked out for her said, “I’m going to keep these in a very special spot.” 

It really doesn’t take too much extra to be intentional with our students, both past and present. Home visits can take 30 minutes of your afternoon. A birthday party can take an hour. Many of us can easily nap or Netflix much longer than that.

The way we treat kids inside the walls of our schools is important, but I truly  believe how we treat them outside the walls is just as, if not more than critcal. 


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