Whitewashed Desk Tutorial


One of my favorite furniture painting techniques is whitewashing. Daddy taught me this one! (Of course, he’s always teaching me great things).


1. White acrylic paint

2. Bowl with warm water

3. Sponge (I keep one in the craft room just for whitewashing) 

I like to white wash pieces that are a dark wood, like this old sewing machine table. I’ve also whitewashed frames and chairs! Each piece is unique depending on the amount of paint used, dry time between sponging, and the amount of water on the sponge. Whitewashing calls for experimenting, and you really can’t mess up a piece!


Easy Step by Step

1. With any furniture painting project, wipe down the surface with a paint thinner and washcloth to help clean any grease or dust off.

2. Choose an area to begin painting and simply stroke a little bit of paint everywhere. This part is fun and easy. I’ve even had kids help with this stage before!


3. Move onto another section, repeating the same “slap on some paint” process. Then, return to your first section with a damp sponge. Simply sponge the area you painted (more water will move more paint around, less water will move less paint  around). The time you wait to sponge the paint will also affect how much white stays/goes. 


4. I tend to like the pattern of paint a section, paint a second section, sponge first section, sponge second section… and repeat until the entire piece is complete. You can add more paint or take paint away easily until the piece looks great to you! 


Special to this project:

On this piece, I wanted to keep the original color on the under side of the table. I liked the contrast!


I also had to work around large pieces that had torn off the front of the table and exposed very light wood. I chose to use a lace fabric leftover from our wedding to cover the bottom. To disguise the rest, I used grey paint to  blend in the areas as close as I could to the surrounding whitewashed sections. 


The table holds a great Singer, but until that works (and I learn to sew), this desk makes for a perfect craft room work area! 

A few other whitewashed items around our house: (It’s addicting!)


Even try experimenting with other acrylic colors, and as always, happy crafting! 


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