Little Girl Twirls

Sometimes a homevisit is merely a pop-in or a hug on the porch, but other times, it turns into an hour long conversation and dance party. 

Friday I made my usual once a week homevisit stop to one of my student’s homes. This precious little girl with curly locks and the cutest dimples spoke more English than I have heard her try all year! 

I love that homevists help students feel more comfortbale with me. They help build trust! 

After a few minutes of looking up GoNoodle videos that we do at school, this kiddo pulled me out of my seat and insisted that I dance too! Her mom and little sister just laughed at us, but we continued to twirl, prance, and giggle around their living room. 

Being a teacher is definitely about curriculum and classroom management, but I also truly belive it is about seeking to build relationships with my students.

For me, the best way is often to spend time in a student’s home… and maybe have a dance party too. 


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