Cousin Aunt

Holidays are the perfect time to see family, and this year, my cousin’s oldest daughter came up with a new family relation name, “cousin aunt.”  

As “cousin aunt,” I had a chance to take two of the “littles” as I call them on an adventure. We ate at Chick-fil-a, got QT slushies, did some playground playing, and made silly videos. I maybe spent $10, but the girls had a blast. I think that I, and maybe you too, often forget that sometimes the greatest present is simply our presence and undivided attention. 

Yesterday both of the girls stopped me at various times to say ,”Thank you so much for today,” “I love you so much,” or “I am having so much fun!” I don’t share this as a praise to me, but rather in conviction to make sure that every person I am in contact with throughout the day knows that in that moment, my relationship with them can take priority. People that I spend time with every single day should have the same excitement and sense of worth that my sweet cousins had yesterday. “Cousin aunt” or not, relationships should always be intentional and real. Whether for a few minutes or several hours, people in conversation with us should truly feel that they have our full attention. 

Who should you “cousin aunt” this week? How can you choose to give your presence to others?  

And now for a few pictures of some quite adorable “cousin neices”:



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