Dollar Tree Wrapping

It’s no secret that Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores. Especially when it’s time to wrap gifts, it’s my first stop. Here’s why:

1. Cheap paper

It’s quite easy to find paper at Dollar Tree that easily coordiantes and fits into your Christmas decor theme. For us, our theme is always vintage and rustic, and we both loved this brown paper with simple, rustic designs. Justin actually saw them first, brought me four different styles, and said, “Which ones?” with a smile. He knows me. 😊 They even have fun paper like Cars and superheroes for kids (or husbands). 

2. Twine

You can get THREE spools of twine from the hardware section! Obviously from the above picture we use a lot of twine… I love that the set we bought months ago has both brown and green and is very versatile! We like to tie simple bows on all of our presents and use it year-round for crafty projects. 

3. Brown paper bags 


Never underestimate a brown paper bag. Our favorite way to wrap small gifts is to simply fold over the bag, punch two holes, and tie a twine bow (of course). Justin wrapped these! 

4. Tissue paper


I never buy tissue paper anywhere but Dollar  Tree. I love a classic white, and at Christmas, their red and green pack. Don’t forget to check their gift bag selection as well! I usually have bags saved from student gifts, but always check DT if I need a certain size.

Well, there you have it! Merry Christmas, and don’t forget to shop one of my favorite stores for last-minute gift wrapping needs! Maybe Dollar Tree should start endorsing me for all of this free advertising… 😂.


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