Act of Compassion 

In this season of Christmas, we are usually pretty  good about giving to friends and family, but it is also good to think about ways to give to others in our communities.

Today I am sharing a how-to that is simple and inexpensive enough to make as many as you’d like, even having your kiddos join in on the fun!

I have shared before some stories of Justin and I stopping to speak to and help people in our community who are homeless. Our routine is typically to stop by the nearest gas station to get crackers and water, and then park near the man or woman, greet them with handshakes and hugs, and sit down with them to learn their story. It has been on my heart for awhile to prepare for these encounters. The bags I am sharing today will help us, and your family, to do the same!


(FYI, I shopped at the Dollar Tree for all of the supplies).

1. Gallon sized plastic bags.

2. Water bottles

3. Pack of crackers

4. List of local shelters, food banks, etc.

5.  Container that will fit in you car and hold your bags

6. (Optional additions: pack of gum, hand warmers, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.)


1. Research homeless shelters, food banks, food kitchens, job help facilities, etc. in your area and make several note with names, addresses, and phone numbers.

2.  Simply open your bags and place the bottle of water in the bottom of the bag laying down sideways.

3. Next, place the crackers, note,  and any other items on top of the water. (This will keep the crackers from getting smushed). I bought one box of baggies, crackers, pack of water, and eight packs of gum for $5 and was able to make six bags!

4. Pray over each bag, asking God to open your eyes to need around you and ask the Holy Sprit to give you the words and confidence to lead conversation to salvation in Jesus.

5. Place the bags in the container and place in your car so that you have ready access to them if you see someone in a paking lot or intersection who is homeless or in need!

How easy are these?! Remember that supplying someone with physical need is important, but should be seen more as a tool to truly listen to their story, share your own, and ultimately lead conversation to God.


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