7 Tips for a Crafted Christmas 

Christmas is one of my very favorite times of the year. I love celebrating the birth of Christ, spending time with family and friends, eating yummy party food, and definitely decorating our home! Today I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips to having a decorated home for Christmas without breaking the bank.

1. Consider making ornaments.

Not only does this save money, but it allows you to customize! I have bulbs that are filled with holly berries to add a rustic aspect to our tree. Glass and plastic bulbs are cheap, often on sale at Michael’s, and can be filled with little pinecones, buttons, fake snow, etc. Our first Christmas, I also filled bulbs with dried wedding flowers and cut wedding invitations.  


2. No need for a tree skirt.

We had burlap leftover from our wedding, so that is always wrapped around the bottom of our tree. You can use other scrap fabric or even blankets as a tree skirt as well! 


3. Combine Christmas decor collected with items used in your home year round.

I always have lanterns, mason jars,and glass bottles out no matter the season. At Christmas, I simply find red and green ones to spotlight and tie lanterns into the rustic look I like.


4. Always check Dollar Tree for flowers.  

Dollar Tree has seasonal flowers, and this past  year, many have been made of burlap! I fill mason jars and pitchers with poinsettias, berries, and other holiday florals. 


5.  Don’t forget to look outside.

Pinecones are so fun! I akways collect a bag full for fall, and they very easily transition to winter. Add to your mantel, or in our case, TV dresser, for a rustic look (again, my favorite Christmas style).  


6. Vintage plates for table decor.

I’ve shared before the story of my vintage plate collection, and for the holidays, I enjoy finding pieces to display. We live in a small home without a dining room, so I use a few pieces to lay out in the middle of our table. Throughout Christmas, I may add a few pinecones or chocolate kisses to the plates and bowls! 


7. Banners!

I grabbed a pack of Chrstimas scrapbook paper and used our school’s die cut to create a tree banner. You can also free-hand or use a Cricut! These are great for above window treatments, TVs, and hanging from mantels. 


I hope you have fun this Christmas decorating your home, and I’d love to see pictures of your own Crafted Christmas!  


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