One really great part of doing home visits with my kiddos at school is the relationships I have the oportunity to build. Of course I see students daily, but often, I don’t see families except for conferences or brief hellos/goodbyes at drop-off and pick-up. I absolutely feel called to my twenty students, but I also feel called to the moms, dads, siblings, and extended families each child represents. 

Going into homes allows me moments to learn where a family has lived, what brought them to the Charleston area, and to share our story as well. God has chosen me as a vessel to share God’s word in homes of kiddos, and I love seeing His plans unfold… especially when that includes families visiting us! 

Last week, we had a former student and his family over for waffles. This precious family is from Honduras and has lived in America all together for just a couple of   years. We decided to have an American meal of the one thing everyone agreed was yummy, waffles. It was so fun explaining how a waffle maker works, showing the many toppings you can add, and watching my kiddo, David, chow down on some bacon!  

Sometimes it seems silly that God could have a purpose for things as insignificant as waffles, but He always has a plan. In fact, He is consistently using “insignificant” things and people for His glory. God chose a brinner to bring two families closer. He chooses moments during home visits  to build trust and relationships that lead conversation to Him.  

What is God wanting to use in your life?  


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