Making the Most of Little Moments

I love teaching. It is one of my very favorite things, but too often, my “teaching” schedule gets so crammed with assessments and curriculum that my very favorite moments of being a teacher seem to slip away. Too many times teaching doesn’t feel like teaching with all the extra requirements and assignments. I love teaching. It is one of my favorite things, but I love being intentional with twenty kiddos more. 

This past week, God laid in my heart a way to make the best of my days with my students. I squeeze in chats during centers, lunch, and recess, and I visit my kids with home visits, but starting tomorrow, I have a new plan of intentionality. It is my new goal to have one “Teacher Walk” with each of my students during the week. 

Being a teacher is such a beautiful calling, but sometimes my day needs tweaking to fulfill it. I still need to watch my kiddos outside, but I also needs to take a few moments to intentionally love each of them. I want each kid to feel special and to know that their teacher truly loves them.

If you are a teacher like me who too often feels burdened with the not so fun parts of teaching, find how you can be intentional. Truly intentional. Our students deserve it. 


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