For Those Who Do Not Yet Know

One of the most beautiful aspects of a relationship with God is worship. Whether corporately within a church or privately in the car, expressing gratititude and sincere love towards our Father is an intimate way to connect to Him. Feeling the presence of God and speaking and singing directly about His love, sacrifice, and power is one of my favorite things to do. Yet this past week as our whole state has drawn attention to the weather and suggested prayer, I have been overwhelmed with the thought of the thousands of people in my city who do not yet know that life with God through His son Jesus Christ is the only life of true satisfaction and joy. 

Many years ago on the streets of New York, Pastor Tom from Urban Harvest Ministries that I have spoken of before, invited our team to worship in the streets as we prayed. At a few apartment complexes, he would ask us to pause and worship for those who could not yet worship because they hadn’t experienced salvation. This past week, my heart has been inclinded to do the same. I break for family members, coworkers, students, and family of my kiddos who have not experienced the salvation of God. I break for those who have heard the Gospel, but have not accepted. I worship for the hundreds of people I encounter each week who do not yet have a heart of worship. 

May my heart not just be grateful for my own salvation, but confident to know that my Savior’s blood was more than enough for my family. More than enough for my coworkers. More than enough my my kiddos and their families. 

I praise my Father for His goodness in my life, and I praise Him for all the goodness He desires for those who have not accepted. 


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