Class Pet Life 

This weekend, I entered into new teacher territory… we now have a class pet! I have always had “class pets,” but Rosie is my first non stuffed animal pet and will need more attention than my woodland friends that simply sit by the window. 

I have been thinking about a class pet for a while, and a friend of ours had a neighbor moving and needing to find a new home for a guinea pig. Justin and I met her yesterday, and I quickly fell in love and knew that I had to have her! Rosie came free of charge with her cage and some extra food to get us started. It seemed like a win-win, no-brainer to me! (Justin required a bit more convincing 😂).

This weekend has consisted of giving her a bath, cleaning her cage well, cuddling her A LOT, Wal-mart runs for supplies, introducing her to friends, and teaching our beagle Belle that “Rosie is a friend, not food.” I am very excited to bring her to school this week!

My plan is to spend a couple of days explaining that we now have a pet and giving clear guidelines and expectations. When I feel our kiddos are ready, I will bring Rosie to her new home! Families can apply to take her home on weekends and breaks and students with permission from parents will help take care of her each day. 

Like I mentioned before, this is new territory for me! If you have any ideas about our new friend, feel free to send them my way. 😀



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