Comic Boxes

Sometimes husbands have hobbies that don’t quite fit into our decor styles. My sweet hubby likes comic books… which I definitely don’t mind, but those white cardboard boxes?? Now they are not too appealing. 

Justin and I came up with a fun solution to have plenty of comic storage, but to also have storage that ties into our vintage decor. Our local comic book store will sell older comics for $1 and often has a box full of these cheaper comics, many are vintage! Every few months we buy up several comic books and cut out pictures that we like. It doesn’t take too long and is a fun afternoon craft date!  


Once you have pictures cut out, it’s time to start decorating your box! I usually take the bottom of the box and Justin works on the lid. You simply mod podge the comic pieces in a collage all over the box! 


Let the box dry overnight before using it to store comics. The boxes look great, and with as many comics as Justin reads, we’re already due for another craft date… and that’s just fine by me. 😁



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