“The Campers are Coming!”

One of my favorite things about serving at Winshape Camps during the summer was the excitement every leader, counselor, and staff  memeber had for the arrival of campers each session. It never failed for someone to start shouting, “The campers are coming!!!” the morning of a new week. As a teacher, I feel that same excitement tonight. 

My twenty campers will officially get to be mine in less than twenty-four hours! Names have been prayed over, families have been met, and the room is decorated and ready to welcome students. Tonight I am shouting, “The campers are coming!” in anticipation for what  God is going to do in and through me this school year. May He change lives just as he did at Winshape. May I remain excited each morning for the priviledge to be a light and example for kiddos and their precious families. 

Here a few pictures from Meet the Teacher Night! 

Welcome Table  
Photo Props  
 Kiddo Play Tables   

“The Giving Tree” Class Wish List



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