Felt Flowers

Handmade gifts are my favorite to give and to recieve. Today I am sharing a how-to of one of my favorite and most simple crafty projects. Felt flowers are simple, colorful, and so versitile! 


1. Pick your felt color and cut a “circular” shape, making it very uneven and what I like to call, “cra-crazy.”


2. After your shape is cut, create a “spiral” with scissors, also making it a little “cra-crazy.”  


3. Now comes the fun part! You begin hot gluing the spiral into a rose shape by rolling the “spiral” onto itself.  This doesn’t require alot of glue, just enough to hold the flower together.  

4. You can also create leaves by cutting a rectangular piece and rolling it in half! 

5. Now for the best part… finding ways to decorate with your flowers! You can also use the same method with scrapbook paper, but I think felt is the easiest to use, especially if it’s your first time. Both types of flowers make great gifts! Below are a few ways that I have used felt and paper flowers.

Use as an embellishment for a chalkboard or mirror!  


To create bouquets, glue flower wire to the bottom of your flowers and use vintage finds as a vase!

Happy crafting! 


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