Bathrooom Clutter

Today’s blog is a follow-up after my Kitchen Clutter post a couple of weeks ago. I am going to share some ideas for how to use vintage finds to organize your bathroom! I will be posting a few pictures of both our master and guest bathrooms. 



This was a gift from a very dear friend who is also a big fan of thrifting. I never buy baskets for full price! Thrift stores will have fun options that you can use to store other vintage finds, nail polish, etc. Always remember that your baskets don’t have to all match, just find ones you love! They will coordinate great, promise.

 2. Ladder 

 This was a $3 find at the flea market. It is a very inexpensive, yet fun way to store towels and washcloths for your guests! I loved that this ladder was a bit worn and even had paint spots… the more character, the better in my book!

(Idea from:

3. Jars 


These old jars were only a few bucks and are great for holding q-tips and cotton balls! I like to be on the lookout for various sizes and styles of jars as I am thrifting. You can always find a use for them! 

4. Dishes

This beauty came from Justin’s grandmother. It is perfect for holding my many bobby pins and hairbows! Although I still manage to lose bobby pins… I find them all over the house!  

Mugs and teacups aren’t just for the kitchen! This cup is great for holding make-up brushes and eyeliner. I love the blue and dainty detail! 

I hope this helps you in thinking creatively in your home! Repurposing vintage and thrifty finds is a great way to add both character and organization to your home… and it doesn’t cost a lot! I’d love to hear some of your ideas as well. Feel free to comment and post pictures! 


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