Ebenezer Jar 

Time and time again in scripture we see men and women of God creating alters of rememberance for the great things God does. Why not do that in our homes?

I was reading a hymn devotional from She Reads Truth highlighting “Come Thou Fount” and the idea of Ebenezer moments. I decided to create a jar to display Ebenezer stones. Justin and I will start writing big God moments on stones now while it’s just us, and in the future, our kiddos will join in. As the jar fills, we will be reminded that our God provides, protects, and embraces. 

I love to craft, but I’m not someone who plans  for it… it kind of just happens! One of these days I’ll remember to pause in my spur of the moment crafting to post step-by-step pictures, but in the meantime, here are directions and a picture of the final project! 


-large jar


-metalic marker(s)


-chalkboard sticker 

-chalk marker



1. Find the perfect spot for a chalkboard sticker on your jar. I chose a very large sticker to go on the top 1/3 of my jar.

2. Using the chalk marker, write words that will remind you to praise God when He does great things in your life. I chose “Here I raise my Ebenezer” from the Hymn “Come Thou Fount,” but many song lyrics and verses could work here. 

3. I wrapped twine several times around the top rim of my jar. I chose to just tuck twine ends into the the wrapping, but for extra security, a dot of hot glue would be fine! Just be sure to secure the twine either by wrapping or by gluing on the backside of your jar. 

4. Use a tray, this one is a thrifted find I refurbished a while back, to set up your jar, stones, and marker(s). I bought a bag of river stones from Michaels for less than $5! You could also find stones. Metalic markers will show up best on the stones, so definitely include at least one in your tray. 

5. Set your tray in a featured place in your home like in your living room, kitchen, forier, etc. so that it can be a reminder for your family to stop and praise God for things He has done and trust that He will work in the future. It can also spur great conversation about the Lord with guests! 


I’d love to see Ebenezer jars you create at home or any other ways you display works of the Lord in your home! 


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