Kitchen Clutter

If you haven’t picked it up yet from my Instagram account, I am defnitely a fan of vintage decor. I love finding new pieces, but I have so much of it already! It is a fun challenge to think of how I can use a new thrifted find. Today I am going to show a few ideas for the kitchen!

1. Jars, jars, jars: I like finding various sizes and styles of glass jars and glasses to sit on my counter tops. They can hold anything from flour and tea bags to toothpicks and vintage gadgets! And of course, chalk stickers, twine, and burlap are easy ways to spruce a jar up. Even the Dollar Tree sells chalk stickers now!

  The matching jars were a wedding present from Target, I just added the chalk stickers! The granola jar and vintage ice cream glass were thrifted finds. I often use the glass to hold plastic silverware for parties, but I decided recently that I like it enough to always have out! The first jar is leftover wedding decor from my sister-in-law and the second is a great way to store cupcake liners!I always look for mason jars at thrift stores and hold onto pasta jars… you never know what you could use them for! Jars with tops can hold change and candy too!

2.  Baskets: Various styles and sizes of baskets can hold linens, spices, and even recipe books! Baskets are great for storing on top of shelves, and some you can even hang. My dear friend, Jessica, gave me a very cute picnic basket as a wedding gift, and I love that it is not only functional but also displayed in our kitchen. 

I purposefully picked out this Easter basket at World Market because I knew I could find a use for it eventually. Now it holds our tea cloth linens!   This adorable picnic basket can hold recipe books until it’s needed for a picnic date!  We don’t have a lot of drawer storage, so this hanging basket keeps our hand towels handy… and I think it’s quite cute!I white-washed this basket years ago, so it’s had many functions. Currently, it holds our spices perfectly atop the refrigerator. 

3. Fun Finds: My decorating philosohy is this, “If you love it, it will look great in your home.” Whether it’s giant clothespins or silly mustache magnets, finds that you love can definitely help decorate and organize your home… it just takes a little creativity! 

These clothespins are leftover bridal shower decor. I love that they hold my vintage-inspired aprons!     I found this coffe cup tree for $1! 

Sometimes you just have cute finds with the only function of being cute! I like to display a few favorite kitchen antiques above our stove or atop cabinets.     These adorable mustache magnets were a Dollar Tree steal!   This chalkboard was a wedding craft that we can still use! I post our weekly menu here.

Most of these ideas came after some thought of where in the world to put a thrifted find I just “had to have,” but below I have links to three Pinterest pins that inspired the cupcake liner storage, stache jar, and hanging basket. I hope you enjoyed a little tour of some of our kitchen. We don’t have a lot of space, so whether your home is big or small, be inspired to think outside of the box and use items as decor and function! 

cupcake liners:

stache jar:

hanging basket:



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