A Chapter Closing 

Yesterday was our last day at Providence Wesleyan Church. Thinking back on the three years that my husband spent serving here, many memories come to mind. 

The excitement in his voice when a Sunday worship at the house was just him and the Otto family, but a neighbor walked over so they did church again! 

When a drive down while we were dating would include painting the church building together.

Hearing Justin’s plans and calling to start a youth group from scratch. 

Being here the weekend Justin proposed and seeing the excitement of teens I didn’t know well yet. I felt so accepted! 

Having teens serve at our wedding and be a part of our big day. Even before they new me, I was a part of the BreakThrough Family. 

God showing me that I truly love hosting others in our home. Having teens over, baking yummy goodies, and planning crafts and games is one of my favorite things.

Seeing several teens come to know the Lord! Despite home situations or their past, this group is full of passion! 

Witnessing teens grow into leaders, often speaking in church, inviting friends, and coming up with new ideas! 

This group of teens has taught me how to be a pastor’s wife. Before moving here, I had akways led ministry, and I didn’t know how to be partner. BreakThrough was patient with me, genuinely excited for me to be here, and helped me see what “youth wife life” is all about. You will all hold a very special place in my heart. I will always be grateful!  


Right now, Justin and I are being obedient to God’s leading that our time at Providence has come to a close. We are trusting Him to show us what chapter lies ahead, which is hard! One thing I have been reminded so many times by the Spirit these past weeks of waiting is, “I will do this again.” I can’t wait to meet more teens that God will use us to lead closer to Him! 


2 thoughts on “A Chapter Closing 

  1. Ima miss u guys so much seems just like yesterday yall were welcoming me with open arms and you have no idea how badly i wish i was there for your wedding thx for all the deetails Dee. See ya


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