Father’s Day

As today is Father’s Day, I’m going to share aout some of the unconditional love of three fathers in my life.  I got to see their love and sacrifice firsthand this weekend.

My mama’s dad, Papa Homer, takes care of my Granny Martha. She has had alzheimer’s almost as long as I can remember. It’s a really tough job, but day in and day out he helps her remember who she is and that she is home and safe. Most days she thinks that he is a boyfriend, cook, or nurse, but he knows that he is her husband and vowed to spend his life, in sickness and in health, to partner alongside her. Taking care of Granny brings Papa joy, and his love is inspiring. 

My daddy’s dad, Papa Tom, has been in the hospital for a few weeks. He just moved to a rehabilitation facility to get him moving again and home as soon as possible. While Daddy and I were visiting him yesterday, he and a few other patients were in group therapy using  small weights and practicing standing and sitting. He had been working hard, but as soon  as Granny Shirley walked in the room, Papa smiled and did even better! He loves his “other half” with all of his heart. Just her presence alone makes Papa more proud and determined.

My sweet daddy sacrifices his love and time for everyone around him. From lending tools, repairing homes, and making yummy breakfast food, Daddy spends his time helping and serving others. Daddy has spent so much time at the hospital with Papa and Granny. He drives the church van practically every Sunday. He never meets a stranger. Even just this morning he refused to let me cook breakfast for him on Father’s Day because he says “That’s not how it works around here, I cook for you!” 

I am so blessed to have two precious grandfathers and a daddy who care generously about their families and the people around them. 


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