This school year, I had a goal both personally and professionally to visit each of my students in their homes. This was, by far, the best goal I could’ve had this year. I saw so much success from home visits with students and their families! Parents feel more confident in my teaching and see my heart for their children. Below are a few of my favorite moments this year:

Parents greeting me with smiles and hugs, thanking me for taking time to visit them.

Hearing, “It’s Mrs. Donnahoo!!!!” when someone peeks out of a window to see who is at the door. The whole household gets excited! 

Visiting and seeing EVERY toy a child owns… and their siblings’ toys as well.  There is such pride in a child when their teacher arrives!

Trying Honduran food for the first time.

Getting smoothies, pudding cups, Cokes, juice boxes, apples… or anything a mom offers to thank me for my time. 

Having great conversation with parents, often getting to share about my relationship with God! 

Kiddos asking me when I’m coming back to their house.

Learning new words and phrases in Spanish.

Families laughing with me at my inability to roll my “r”s! 

Being one of the first invited over to see a new home.

Neighbors asking what I was doing and responding by saying things like, “That’s what’s up! I wish my teacher had done that.” 

Getting to share my experiences and hoping to inspire more teachers to try visiting their kiddos! 


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